Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Daughter, The Artist.

Child Number Two bounced into the kitchen after school today, and announced through an enormous mouthful of chocolate chip cookie:

"I got in trouble in science class today."

For, although my seven-year-old is most definitely the rabble-rouser here at home, she has always been an attentive, obedient and enthusiastic student.

I made cautious inquiries as to the cause of the reprimand.

The little deviant grinned broadly, and replied:

"Well... we were learning about Great White Sharks... and I coloured the one on my work-sheet purple."

Oh, dear girl... You are most definitely and absolutely MY CHILD.

"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way."
-- Juan Ramón Jiménez


painted maypole said...

Sharks! cool!

(and I color them purple sometimes, too)

shawn said...

Gotta love the middle children ... conformity is for wimps !!!! Creativity is the ONLY WAY to GO!!!!

shauna said...

Love the pictures. At least you know she'll pick her own path regardless of where the rest of the pack is going. In this day and age that's especially reassuring.

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