Thursday, May 29, 2008


Remember me?

Yeah, me. The crazy chick covered in dirt, carrying a big shovel, streeling in through the back door. The one who's heading up for a loooooong, hot shower.

The garden? Is finally "in".

And between accomplishing all the digging, planting and re-arranging... as well as all the "family activities" (Child Number One's EQAO exams at school... accompanying the 24 little stem-winders that make up Child Number Two's class to the Metro Zoo yesterday... and Wee Three's class picnic tomorrow) I'm just about "done". So done, turn-me-over.

Thank heavens the girlies and I are escaping for the weekend... We'll catapult the loser cruiser out of the driveway at lunchtime tomorrow. Details soon, I promise. Just as soon as we've all gotten a good. night's. sleep.

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mrinz said...

Love that word 'streeling' - a cross between staggering and reeling? Very good description of a feeling after a hard days work on the end of a spade (or as in my case yesterday - an axe).

Enjoy you weekend break.

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