Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wonderful news!!

Remember "The Quilt" project?

When I was home in Stratford at the beginning of last summer, I discovered this incredible fundraiser to benefit breast cancer patients and their families. Actually, to put it more correctly, I should be saying breast cancer SURVIVORS and their families. I have learned from the amazing Whymommy, who is educating us all by sharing her experience of kicking inflammatory breast cancer's ass, ALL women with breast cancer automatically become "Breast Cancer Survivors", right from the moment they are diagnosed.

"The Quilt" project is going strong again this year, people, and I am THRILLED to share this article with you, from this weekend's local newspaper, "The Stratford Beacon Herald":

First Halifax Auction Raised $11,800 for The Quilt

by Beacon Herald Staff

The first annual reception and auction in Halifax recently raised $11,800 for The Quilt: A Breast Cancer Support Project.

"We accomplished everything we wanted to do-- introduce The Quilt and Wellspring to Halifax and provide a fun-filled evening for a good cause," said Carol Miller, spokesperson and founder of the Stratford-based charity.

Ms. Miller credited Shirley Parker and her team that sold all 140 tickets and Jim Jordan of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries for making the event a huge success.

Apart from Halifax, the charity this year added Manitoulin Island, Kamloops (Oct 11), Toronto (Oct. 23) and Calgary (Nov. 6) to its list of auctions. A Stratford auction is scheduled for Nov. 17.

The number of quilting marathons supporting the project has risen from six in 2006 to more than 60 locations in Canada and the U.S. and to date nearly $1.4 million has been raised through the auctions.

The money goes towards supporting cancer survivors and their families.

The Halifax location is also significant. The Quilt is a key funder of Wellspring's plans to open a Halifax location for the 28,000 Nova Scotians living with cancer.

Mary Walsh of CBC's "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" was emcee for the Halifax event. When presented with a quilt for her services, she turned right around and sold it-- much to the delight of the crowd.

The Stratford and Toronto auctions will be hosted by the team of Carlo Rota, a principal character in the FOX network TV program "24", and Sheila McCarthy, Rota's co-star in the CBC sit-com "Little Mosque on the Prairie".

Zaib Shaihk, another star of the show, will host the Calgary auction.

Dear Readers, I urge you to visit "The Quilt" website, and get to an exhibition, or participate in an auction if you possibly can! The quilts and wall-hangings contributed this year are some of the most spectacular pieces of needlework I have ever seen. And the love that must have gone into creating each and every one is more than evident... it is absolutely overwhelming.

This is one of the BEST charities out there: not only does it raise breast cancer awareness, the money goes straight to work, supporting women and their families at a time in their lives when they need it the most.

Because NO ONE should have to face cancer alone!


Whymommy said...

This is SO wonderful. Thanks for sharing this news!

mrinz said...

Well done - its amazing what can be achieved by people working together.

shawn said...

no one does ... with people like you out there we are ALL reminded that cancer can and does strike anyone, and we can no longer simply be silent ...

thanks for this reminder ... you've made a trip "home" extra-ordinary.

shauna said...

Another stellar post! We all need to be more aware and celebrate in the these successes.

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