Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How do I look?

This morning, I got up extra-early, so that I could get not only the girlies off to a good start on their first day of school, but MYSELF off to a good start, as well.

As I was hastily attempting to put on my make-up in front of the bathroom mirror, Child Number Three burst through the door carrying her tall step-stool. She plonked it down next to me, climbed up so that she could see her reflection, and preened for a moment before passing judgement:

Child Number Three: (deeply satisfied) I look A-STINGUISHED, don't I, Mum?!

Mother: (wistfully) Yes, kiddo, you look VERY distinguished, definitely.

That is, opposed to EX-TINGUISHED, which is unfortunately how I looked this morning after a night of nearly no sleep...

Question... Do mothers EVER stop worrying about their children???

I. Hate. Sending. My. Kids. Back. To. School.


mrinz said...

Hehe, in answer to your question - no we never ever stop worrying about our children. Mine are aged 34, 33, 29 and 27.

And when I was younger and traveled the world (in the late 1960's) for a few years sometimes without writing or phoning my parents very often, I didn't give much thought to the fact that they may be worrying about me!

Well I have been paid back many times by my own children as they wander the world! However communication is so much better now and they do keep me informed about where they are.

So when one son went trail biking in the Sahara I was able to rest assured that if I had to call out a search party then he would be found.

painted maypole said...

We could hang out together, our looks would definately compliment each other.

extinguished, indeed

shauna said...

My mom says no. In fact, she called me frantic one morning--completely worried about my 31-year old sister who had just bought a new car (she thought was out of her price range) and sad, seperated me. She said she hadn't gotten any sleep the night before worrying about the two of us. Sigh. That's what we have to look forward too, loosing sleep over our grown children...

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