Thursday, August 30, 2007

Three More Niceties...

It has been a far less difficult decision than I thought it would be to choose my three recipients of the "Nice Matters Award". These three fantastic women deserve some spotlight!!

Number One: My new friend Canape, over at Don't Take The Repeats.

This lovely, talented woman is the one behind Team Whymommy. She is responsible for organizing us all, and drawing our attention to one of her dearest friends (who, by the way, is Kicking Cancer's Ass!! Wa-hoo!!), Canape has put together an enormous pillar of "cyber-support", and been instrumental in helping Whymommy spread the word about inflammatory breast cancer. Canape, you are a hero in your own right, and WAY more than just "nice" in my books. You have a caring, nurturing spirit that shines in your blog, and you're going to make a splendid mother when Little Bird finally makes an appearance. (Stay tuned, everybody! I know I can't wait...)

Number Two: Kim, at The Merits of the Case.

Kim is a brave, strong woman who is battling cancer. She has been generous enough to share the experience of her treatment in her blog, and I can honestly say that her words leave me in awe. Being a law student, she is a meticulously detailed writer, and the accounts of her journey have limitless educational value for all of her readers. But, she is also a wife, mother, and an incredibly gorgeous, classy gal. Her words come from her heart, as well as from her head. Kim, you, too, are WAY more than "nice". You're an inspiration to all of us.

And Number Three: Farmgirl Susan, over at Farmgirl Fare.

This is a woman after my own heart, people, and her blog is a daily delight; a right feast for the senses. At 26, Susan sold her bakery/cafe in California, and moved to a 280-acre, 140 year old farm in rural Missouri. In her own words, she "...became cook, gardener, shepherd, farmhand, vet, surrogate mom, wildlife expert, midwife, & undertaker". The accounts of her adventures, complete with mouthwatering recipes, and vivid photographs of her garden, animals, and FOOD, fill me with inspiration and satisfaction. Susan, you and your beautiful blog are not just "nice", but a JOY.

There you have it, everyone. Three wonderful women who make the world a much nicer place. Congratulations!! And, happy reading...


shauna said...

Thanks for pointing me to three new blogs to frequent!

painted maypole said...

love what you have to say about your nice awardees :)

canape said...

I blush. You are too kind :) Thank you!

Whymommy said...

Wonderful choices! And congrats to you as well!

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