Monday, August 6, 2007

It's good to be back.

Well, we made it home. It took a crowbar to pry me away from the lake this year... everything was so beautiful, and the weather was so perfect. I could easily have stayed and stayed and stayed. But, all good things must come to an end, and so here I am, back home-sweet-home.

Well, NOT so sweet, as it turns out, because the house-sitters forgot to let The Rescue Team (our cleaners) in last week. So, to say that the place was a BIT of a cesspool upon our return is an understatement. The cat and the guinea pigs had a riot in our absence, judging by the amount of timothy hay and fur all over the kitchen floor, and the poor betta fish had to wipe clean spots on the inside of their glass bowls with their fins, so that I could see them mouthing, "HELP!!" To add yet another gross-ness, The Husband omitted to clean our fabulous coffee maker before he came to join us at the cottage last week, and when I opened the filter case to see where the nauseating smell was coming from... Well, you don't want to know any more. Husband is in "time out" for messing with the caffeine equilibrium in the household, and I've been in the process of sterilizing that machine for several hours now. It had BETTER be ready for tomorrow morning's use, that's all I have to say (without bursting into tears, that is).

MOST distressing was the sight of The Goddess' Garden, however, which has turned brown and decrepit with the extreme heat and drought, in spite of the "watering" that was supposedly done while I was gone. I can't blame the house-sitters entirely for this, as we are under watering restrictions by our town at the moment, but I confess to breaking the rules and roaring out there with the hoses at sundown tonight... And if anyone reports me and sends an official to my door, well LOOK OUT, because I will tolerate a lot of hardships with grace, but DON'T MESS WITH MY PERENNIALS. The Sword and Shield MIGHT just make an appearance over this one...

However, my crop of weeds did exceptionally well in our absence. Once the soil is moistened a little bit, I'll be out there at sparrowfart tomorrow morning, digging those buggers up. HOW IS IT that WEEDS are seemingly the last green things out there today??! Guess that's what makes them weeds... Crap.

It's been a long day; first a long drive, and then a looong cleanup of this bear-pit I call "home". Tonight, the bathrooms and kitchen are shining, the carpets are vacuumed, the pets are clean, happy and well-fed, the laundry is **DONE** (oh, you'd better be gasping in awe at THAT one), and the kids are all packed and ready for their activities tomorrow.

Now, if someone would just smarten up and open a GROCERY STORE around here, we could get some decent food in the place!! (For my beloved American readers, today was a Civic Holiday here in The Great White North... All our shop keepers locked their doors and opened a two-four instead, apparently... Oh, and a two-four would be... Never mind. I'll explain another time...)

My eyes are closing, here, I'm going to take my glass of wine up to bed, now.

It's good to be back.


ewe are here said...

Glad you're home safe and sound... though I'm sorry the home was a tad disheveled.

I spent a good portion of Sunday cleaning our house, too. Oh the joys... but it all looks like it should again.

Hope your plants perk up!

mrinz said...

I hate the look of the garden after I have been away - the weeds seem to take my absence as a cue to go forth and multiply!
And it happens here too, things shrivel up in the summer heat.

Although at the moment here summer is but a distant memory. We are nearing the end of our winter now but have had weeks and weeks of rain. Concrete paths and cobble stoned areas are turning green and winter weeds looking healthy.

Never mind, spring is just starting to show with some daffodils showing their faces and flowering cherries starting to appear.

Candygirlflies said...

Mrinz!! Always lovely to hear from you. I actually envy your anticipation of spring... it must be lovely to have daffs and cherry blossoms just beginning.

Your winters sound like Vancouver's (west coast of Canada, where I used to live). It rained for months and Months and MONTHS... and then the spring and summer were so brilliantly beautiful, we all forgot how miserable winter had been.

Hope you and those twin grand-babies are well!! Love to you xo CGF

mrinz said...

Yup we are all fine, babies growing like mushrooms. I am spending a lot of time with them hence the absence here.

I lived in Vancouver briefly once, a long time ago (1968 hehe), and yes the climate is similar in many ways.

But we don't have snow in our Bay but of course further south they do. You have to think opposite here:
North = warmer, South = colder!

After Vancouver I think shifted north to Quesnel for a year. I visited back there two years ago, was just great to be back in the Cariboo - my friend I travelled with married and still lives in Williams Lake.

canape said...

And you found time to write too. I am amazed.

shauna said...

Welcome back! It's good to have so many posts to get caught up on...

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