Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Beginnings.

I have my answer.

And now, New Beginnings...

I was a good person, years ago, and even though life has changed me in innumerable ways, I will remember that I am still that person inside.

I will remember what has made ME happy in days past-- how it really FELT to be happy-- and strive to put myself in places and situations where I can feel that way again.

I will listen for my own instincts, heed them, and follow them. I will trust myself.

I will be more conscious of my own needs, goals and dreams.

I will continue to teach, but not just in order to "build a career", but because I love what I do. I know that if this thought is at the forefront of my mind as I go forward, I will eventually land in the best possible situation for my girls and me.

I will strive for a stable, peaceful, positive and consistent environment, at all times, and above all else.

We all deserve nothing less.

Happy Easter.


painted maypole said...

i don't know what the new beginning is stemming from, but of course a new beginning begs the question of what has ended. I read pain and hope in your words, and send out a prayer for peace and love to fill your life.


Happy Easter.

"Weeping, be gone; sorrow, be silent:
Death put asunder, and Easter is bright.
Cherubim sing: O grave, be open!
Clothe us in wonder, adorn us in light.
Jesus is risen and we shall arise:
Give God the glory! Alleluia!"

merinz said...

I have just reread this post, and read it more carefully this time round. I hope that the new beginnings are going smoothly for you and your girls.

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