Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Swing Coat

Oh, I'm so happy that this project is finally done... just in time for the last of the cool spring rain and fog! I've been knitting away (slowly) at this beautiful Diamond merino since last September, and in spite of the endless garter stitching and careful counting, I am SO glad I stuck with it. Now I match the lilac bush at the bottom of the garden, to boot.

My list of UFOs (un-finished objects) is steadily shrinking... and family and friends have several new pieces to wear and enjoy. Currently, I'm still working away at the hot pink bolero, and have picked up two new projects: a ripple scarf made of lightweight ribbon, and a short-sleeved cotton pull-over in a beautiful pastel stripe... Let's just see if I can get THOSE finished before Christmas, shall we???!

Yay, me!


Anonymous said...

It is stunning and so worth the time and the garter stitch!!!! I'm so impressed :-)

painted maypole said...


merinz said...

I hope that you are all well, no doubt enjoying the summer.

Nan Sheppard said...

I hope your Summer has been lovely!

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