Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmastime's A-comin'!!

... and in spite of the manic schedule of my academic career (we are coming up on end-of-term, report cards, and parent-teacher interviews... Pray for me!!), I wouldn't miss spending December with all of you for the world.

Starting Tuesday, December 1, the Musical Advent Calendar will be in full swing! Drop by every day 'till Christmas for a little holiday cheer, and some wonderful, inspirational music. There will be favourites from years past, as well as a few new selections that I have found, and particularly enjoy.

The tree is up, the fire is lit, and there's a place waiting here for you.

xoxo CGF


merinz said...

Looking forward to it!

Nan said...

Hoooraaay! This has become a big part of our Christmas!

So, what do you think your teachers are going to say to your parents? Are you nervous? Will you get to see your report card before they do? Will you get an extra Christmas Present if you get all 'A's?

Candygirlflies said...

Hi, Ladies!!

You are so sweet-- your encouragement makes me want to redouble my efforts to make the calendar extra special. It "makes" my Christmas, too-- I love being able to do this for you.

Nan: I'm the one actually writing the report cards and giving interviews with parents this year!! It's been fascinating, and I love meeting my students' families. I'm at a rather unique school, in a very low socio-economic bracket, with mainly students who are new to Canada, English language learners, or have special learning requirements. I absolutely LOVE my job, and am learning so much... even more than the kids are, for sure! They are my greatest teachers EVER.

On top of it, I have a full post-graduate university course load, complete with end of term essays and exams... Pray for me!

The Musical Advent Calendar will help me to keep my head on my shoulders again this year... It has been my saving grace, these past few Christmases.

Thanks to all of you.

xo CGF

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I'm very excited that you're back! Yeah! We'll enjoy listening to your music daily :)

I'm curious as to what school you are at....

Happy Holidays!

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