Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh, and also...

Fact: There is nothing in this world-- NOTHING-- so therapeutic and good for the restoration of my weary soul than BRUTALLY RIPPING OUT horrible, overgrown, and generally monstrous hedges from the neglected parts of my garden, and then taming the space into beautiful submission.

Fact: The Wise Men at our local hardware store will still NOT, under any circumstances, sell me a chain saw. Not even a small one, not for any amount of money (even though I really couldn't afford to bribe them, and they knew it).

Fiction: The telescoping pole with the big snipper on the end that they DID sell me makes a good (read: SAFER) substitute for the aforementioned coveted chain saw.

Fact: I found the axe that my husband hid on me LAST year, and then did the job anyway.

Fact: I think I strained my Everything, I need a pedicure, a long, hot bath, and probably a psychological evaluation.

Fact: Our front gardens will soon look AWESOME.

If I do say so myself.

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merinz said...

Ohh I am green with envy - raised vege gardens - every gardener's dream here too.

Very satisfying to throw an axe around for an hour or two. But getting rid of the resulting clutter can be a major task.

I own a mean pair of 'by-pass' loppers that can do considerable damage in a very short time. And luckily have a very amenable lawn mowing man who is willing, at a price, to spirit away the results.

Good luck with your garden makeover.

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