Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Lesson in New Life Skills.

For the past week, I have been absolutely riveted to CNBC, CNN, and BNN television networks. I have been trying my utmost to glean any and all information I can about the proposed "bail-out" that the Powers-That-Be are trying to create, in order to save the world economy from implosion.

I have been bombarding my husband with questions... Questions that, as it turns out, even HE doesn't know the answer to. Because, let's face it, no one has ever been through an historic event quite like the one that is taking place right now... And, unfortunately, there ain't no formal business qualification that can prepare you to have to deal with a situation like the one we find ourselves in.

Finally, The Husband had had enough of my pestering.

"You've got to stop it!!" he insisted, completely exasperated with me. "Stop watching!!"

How, I queried, shriekingly, could I POSSIBLY stop watching, when the outcome of the next few days will determine the course of our future?

"It's like this," he sighed, looking straight into my eyes. "Making up law like this is like making sausage."

I winced.

"Exactly," he continued. "If you watch the sausage-making process too closely, it gets pretty gross. So the best thing to do is just AVERT YOUR EYES, and let them get on with it. But, DON'T WATCH TOO CLOSELY. Or you might have an even harder time stomach-ing it later on."

Grudgingly, I agreed with him.

And I turned to my little girlies, and asked them what we could do for FUN, instead.

I kid you not, folks. THIS is what they came up with:

As it turns out, THIS is a GREAT way to spend a sunny afternoon:

Out in the garden, on the lawn... because it's much more pleasant if you don't have to listen to the loud clanging on the kitchen floor, every time somebody starts giggling so hard, the spoon falls OFF.

Big fun, people. BIG.

That is, unless you are ME.

Unlike my children who inherited my husband's cute-as-a-button, squoodgy little nose, which is perfectly designed to "hang" a teaspoon on...

I sport a hawking, aquiline schnozzzzz, bestowed upon me by my own overly-generous father.

A schnozzzzz, with solid BONE right. down. to. the. tip.

Which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to balance even the largest soup-ladle on.

(Believe me. We tried. Which added MUCH to the afternoon's hilarity, I assure you.)

They don't call me "Funny Girl" for nothin'.


Leeann said... I watched Bush's address last night, I thought of you.
As for the spoon's gotta be a kid thing...I can't do it either!

painted maypole said...

when i was in jr. high some distant relative who is a lutheran deaconess in germany came to visit us - a friendly enough woman with a tight smile. SHE could hang a spoon from her nose beautifully, which delighted us all (even her!)

these joyful pictures are wonderful!

I am so baffled by the whole bail-out thing as well, and frankly, I think your husbands explanation is the best I've heard so far

Candygirlflies said...

Confession time:

I am watching again.

The "shenanegins" on Capital Hill are just too terribly irresponsible and frightening tonight...

Please, let them understand how SERIOUS the implications of NOT coming to a rational agreement-- and SOON-- will be.

For ALL of us.

Not just for the United States of America.

Please, God.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I'm so sorry for the stressful day, but man oh man, your girlies do know how to distract you really well!

Travellor said...

The trick to hanging a spoon off your nose is, the spoon should be silver plated and warmed by rubbing your thumb in the rounded area... it works every time...

Nan said...

I have a teeny-weeny nose, and have never managed to hang anything off it, so don't feel too bad. Is it possible that the non-Americans are even more concerned about this election than the Americans? Please let the next American Presidential Team understand that foreign countries are NOT next-door neighbours!!! American Foreign Policy is very big stuff, and it would be nice to have Peace, no?

Nan said...

We have EVERY SINGLE book Lauren Child book ever written, by the way. Serious Charlie and Lola fans, here! And Storybook Wolves, beware!

Candygirlflies said...

Nan: You are so right-- the whole world is watching events in the US right now... The economic situation is just too, too, terribly important to ALL of us.

I fear, however, that the US Government has not done nearly enough to educate people about the possible implications of NOT sorting this crisis out properly... and averting a massive depression that will ultimately reach world-wide, and not just Main St, USA.

Time Is Of The Essence... Our TSX market collapsed again on Friday... (Are you listening, Washington???!)

Still watching, and waiting-- and praying.

xo CGF

mrinz said...

I too like your husbands explanation of events that are unfolding at this time. We are feeling the repercussions here too.

And as for balancing spoons - I must have had a seriously deprived life so far - I have never tried to balance a spoon on my nose! Its true! Nor to my knowledge have our children. So when we are all together next, possibly over the summer, I am going to introduce it and see the reactions.

Regarding spoons - playing the spoons used to be a popular party pastime - two spoons are used to create a great accompaniment to a guitar to provide music for party goers.

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