Friday, June 13, 2008

On stage... please?

This morning's pre-school "gradulation" went off without a hitch.

Wee Three agreed to wear a beautiful dress, which is something she doesn't do too often... It's just waaay too much trouble, "being careful" with nice clothes. Who needs fashion, when there's mud to play in outside??

The "gradulates" slowly filed in, in front of the large audience of family members. It was interesting to see each child's eyes turn to the size of small saucers when they were gently ushered through the door, and saw the sea of grown-ups looking back at them. Luckily, the procession was carefully planned, and the three teachers stood in strategic spots to help the children along... Each student walked a straight line from one of the ladies, into the arms of another, and then to the one who would seat them in the correct chair on the little stage.

Wee Three did just beautifully. Unlike last year, where she sat like a tiny statue (because the teachers had gently told the children to "sit still and don't move!!" Always the LITERAL one, my daughter...), she sang all the songs, and even performed some of the actions. She stood, only a little bit shakily, when her name was called, and walked over to receive her diploma and pin. I was prodigiously proud of her, and marvelled at how much she has grown up and gained confidence over these past ten months...

After the ceremony was over, and we had said our goodbyes, I took my littlest girl out for lunch. As we sat at the table and ate, I praised her for her courage, standing up tall in front of all of the "strange" people that morning. And I took the opportunity to mention that she would soon have another chance to get up and perform on a stage: her first ballet recital is this Wednesday evening.

Mother: (encouragingly) It's going to be such FUN! You can wear your brand, new costume, and dance with all your friends on another stage! It's just a bit bigger than the stage you were on for gradulation this morning.

Wee Three avoided meeting my gaze, and grimaced down at her cheeseburger.

Mother: (lightly) Oh, it will be just fine. Your big sisters will be there with you, too. They'll do their dances, and then you and your friends will have a turn. It WILL be fun-- there's nothing to be nervous about. Your teacher will be there on stage with you, and Daddy and I will be out in the audience, cheering you on!

There was a moment of silence, and then Wee Three lifted her chin and looked straight into my eyes.

Wee Three: (taking a deep breath) Well, DAT'S fine. Because you know where I will be?

Mother: (smiling down at the littlest ballerina) Where, sweetie?

Wee Three: (firmly) Under. My. Bed.

Well... perhaps THIS one is destined to be a "backstage rat" like her mother...


Nan said...

Too funny! Is this a third child thing? I hope wee three goes through it, I am sure she will have fun if she does. But she sounds very sure of herself. Good luck! Looking forward to hearing of the outcome!

painted maypole said...

ha ha ha ha ha

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