Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Paint, part 2. (And 3... sssshhh!)

Since I last wrote, I have managed to complete the kitchen, the first-floor hallway (which is HALF WAINSCOTING, people, and very, VERY boring work) and a bathroom. The wallpaper has been stripped from our not-so-lovely mudroom, and the walls are awaiting a fresh coat of robin's-egg blue (yes, I clearly have Spring Fever). After that: the living room.

Ah, the living room. The living room is not making me very popular in the marital department today, because the "deal" I struck with my long-suffering husband when I embarked on this little redecorating kick WAS... that I would use up all the paint I have in my enormous basement storage room FIRST, before purchasing anything new.

If you had any idea the size of my paint "wardrobe" downstairs, you would know how completely ridiculous, and therefore "meaningless" this silly little deal was in the first place. We both KNEW I wouldn't be able to do it. Because over the past decade, the number of paint cans I have managed to accumulate in that storage room has swollen to rival the size of my fabric-swatch collection (because She-Who-Redecorates... also Sews).

My point is this: We both knew I had my fingers crossed behind my back.

So it really didn't make sense to me when he reacted with dismay, when I staggered through the back door this afternoon, laden with a box-ful of Benjamin Moore supplies, and several large bags from Winners.

Yes, I broke down and went to Winners this morning, too. It was just supposed to be for a few minutes-- honest, I was running a bunch of very sensible errands, in such a responsible and efficient manner that I actually got finished a little early... there were a few minutes before I had to whiz over to the nursery to collect Wee Three... and so I just decided to stop in and peek around the shop for a MINUTE.

Well, wouldn't you know it, they had a sale. On cushions. And these cushions contained the exact colours that I have been looking for, for our living and dining rooms (SSSHHH! We don't want him to know about the DINING ROOM... Yet.) I saw the lovely fabrics, with the colours combined SO perfectly, that I had to have them. Did I mention that they were on sale?

After picking up Wee Three, we hied ourselves over to the paint store, where the Crazy Egg Cup Woman earned herself the new moniker of The Crazy Cushion Lady. Yes, I found the gentleman who had mixed up that paint to match the colour I had found in the pattern of that antique egg cup a few years ago, and asked him to make me a colour that was identical to a swirl in one of my newly-purchased pillows.

Yeah, yeah. I'm nuts.

But the "new" living room is going to look GREAT when it's done.

(And so's the dining room... SSSSHHH!)


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Ok, so yes! You ARE nuts, but man is your house going to look fab--not that it didn't already.

Wanna come do mine next?! ;)

mrinz said...

Go girl go!

When you find the right cushions - and - they are on sale - of course you have to get them!

Thats just the way it is!

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