Monday, November 26, 2007


More snow fell late last week, just in time for my girlies to thoroughly enjoy themselves over the weekend. There was an igloo built on the patio, using various sizes of square and rectangular pieces of tupperware as molds for the snow bricks. There was a beautifully smoothed toboggan run down our hill in the garden, which Child Number Two managed to whiz off of, still firmly gripping on to her purple plastic "flying saucer" for dear life... Unfortunately, she landed in a large and very prickly hedge down by the back fence, and her face now bears the tell-tale scratch marks... But at school today, she wore her battle scars proudly (I'm just thankful that we got the Christmas portraits taken LAST week...)

And, of course, there was a snowman.

Our winter wonderland melted to sludgy slush today, as temperatures rose and rain began to fall. And as we watched our weekend's fun shrink away to nothingness, this famous Raymond Briggs story crept into my mind.

I give you the beautiful animated film, "The Snowman".


painted maypole said...

I want to show that video to the May Queen when she gets home. :)

Leeann said...

We got our first snowfall today.

Can you tell how ecstatic, I am?


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